How can I use DiskPart to create a RAID 5 set?

A. A RAID 5 set consists of data spread across three physical disks, of which one can fail without causing any data loss. To use the DiskPart utility from the Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit or the Win2K Professional Resource kit to create a RAID 5 set, perform the following steps:

  1. Download and install the DiskPart utility from the Microsoft Web site.
  2. Go to Start, Run, then type
    to start a command-line session.
  3. Type
    to start a DiskPart session.
  4. Type
    create volume raid size=<size in MB> disk=<disk numbers>
    where <size in MB> is the amount of space you want to use from each disk (in megabytes) and <disk numbers> are the numbers of the disks that you want to use in the RAID 5 configuration. For example,
    create volume raid size=6000 disk=1,2,3
    creates a RAID 5 set that's 12GB (i.e., 6000MB x 2) across three disks (one-third of the space is used for fault tolerance).
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