How can I upgrade the 120-day evaluation version to the full SQL version?

A. A. For SQL 6.5 :-

1. One method would be to backup the databases, un-install SQL, re-install SQL and then load the databases again.

2. A faster method is :-

(a) Backup your databases first (just in case)

(b) Copy over all the .dll's and .exe's from the full version, over the top of the evaluation version.

(c) Then from the <sql>\binn directory run the following, making sure the case is correct

setup /t RegistryRebuild = On

(d) The setup routine will now run and ask you all the normal questions. Answer these as you did for the 120-day eval version (putting in the same paths etc.) and it will just update all the registry entries/icons etc. It will leave the databases alone.

For SQL 7.0 :-

(If you can connect to SQL then you can do the first 2, otherwise it doesn't matter, but you'll have to create the logins again manually)

(a) Detach your user databases (sp_detach_db)
(b) Create a script file for all logins (or BCP out sysxlogins)
(c) Stop SQL Server
(d) Backup all user database files - *.mdf/*.ndf/*.ldf
(e) Un-install SQL Server eval
(f) Install retail copy of SQL Server
(g) Run script to create logins (or BCP in sysxlogins)
(h) If user databases were deleted by un-install (they shouldn't be) then restore from backup
(i) Attach user databases (sp_attach_db)

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