How can I stop the My Videos and My Music subfolders from appearing in the My Documents folder in Windows XP and later?

A. Each new version of Windows seems to add a new set of subfolders to the My Documents folder. If you delete these subfolders, Windows will automatically recreate them the next time you log on. To stop Windows from creating these subfolders every time, perform the following steps:

  1. From the Start menu, select Run, enter the command
    regsvr32 /u mydocs.dll 
    to unregister the .dll file, then click OK.
  2. Navigate to My Documents, then delete the automatically created folders that you no longer want to appear.

The steps above disable the My Documents functions, so if your system is missing some functionality, you'll need to reregister mydocs.dll. If you want to reregister the .dll file, perform the above steps again but use the command

regsvr32 mydocs.dll
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