How can I see a list of all the images in a Windows Imaging Format (WIM) file?

A. A WIM file can contain numerous images, which is useful considering the single instance storage capabilities of the WIM format and that, although there are many versions of Vista, they all contain a core set of the same files with each edition using additional files/components. To see all the images in a WIM file, use the Imagex command from the WAIK with the /info switch and the name of the WIM file, as this sample command and output show:

C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\x86>imagex /info d:\Sources\install.wim

WIM Information:
GUID: \{03071445-5d93-4792-ba6d-5e5ccca3b18d\}
Image Count: 7
Compression: LZX
Part Number: 1/1
Attributes: 0x8
Relative path junction

Available Image Choices:
This tool essentially dumps out the header XML from the WIM file. It shows that the default install.wim file that comprises the Vista release to manufacturing (RTM) version has seven images, as the Table shows.
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