How can I prevent overwriting all files during a bulk copy in Windows 2000?

A. When you perform a bulk file copy and files of the same name as those you're copying exist in the target location, Win2K will display a dialog box every time one of the files you've asked to copy will overwrite an existing file. The dialog box contains the following options:

  • Yes (to overwrite the file)
  • Yes to All (to overwrite all duplicate files)
  • No (to not overwrite the file)
  • Cancel

If you don't want to overwrite a particular file at the target location, you must click No when Windows prompts you about that file. If you don't want to overwrite any files that already exist at the target location, you can hold down the Shift key and click No, which acts like a "No to All" option.

TAGS: Windows 8
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