How can I manually add music art to my MP3 files?

A. If you use Windows Media Player (WMP) to create MP3 files from a music CD, the application will attempt to download the album information and album cover as two images. For each album that the MP3 player reads and displays, WMP stores the following information in the MP3 folder:

  • Folder.jpg: A 200x197 image
  • AlbumArtSmall.jpg: A 75x74 image used for small windows

If you've already ripped your MP3 files to disk and want to add this information manually, you can download these images and save them in the album folder using the above filenames. To download these images, go to the Windows Media Web site and search for your album and artist name. After you download the Windows Media Bonus Pack for XP (you can download the file from Microsoft's Web site), the bonus pack's Media Library Management Wizard will automatically download available album art.

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