How can I manage my NT domain over the net?

A. Microsoft have released "Web Administrator 2.0 for Microsoft Windows NT Server" which allows you to use to manager the following via the web

  • Account Management
  • Ras Management
  • Share Management
  • Session Management
  • Server Management
  • Printer Management

The additional software required has to be installed on a server (though it does not have to be a domain controller) with

  • Service Pack 3 or later (it does not currently work with the beta versions of Service Pack 4)
  • Internet Information Server 4.0

Internet Information Server 4.0 is available as part of Option Pack 4 which can be obtained from or as part of MSDN. Option Pack 4 has its own requirement that Internet Explorer 4.0 be installed.

Once all the software is installed you can download the Web Admin tools from

To begin the installation just execute the required executable and the installation wizard will begin.

Once the installation is complete you will be able to administer your domain by connecting to http://<the server name>/ntadmin/default.asp. For example if I had installed the software on titanic in the I would connect to

You will need Internet Explorer 4.0 or above to use the site and once connected you can perform a number of options. Below is an example of viewing/changing users.

Click here to view image

There are some other options but not as complete as the Microsoft product:

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