How can I install Windows 2000 hotfixes during an unattended installation?

A. With the new slipstreaming ability of Windows 2000 service packs its easy to install them as part of an unattended installation by just applying them to the distribution point however this cannot be done with hotfixes and so to install hotfixes during installation requires some manual configuration however this is described in the latest service pack release notes.

As a side note if you wanted to install Windows 2000, a service pack and hotfixes just slipstream the service pack first into the distribution area and then follow the same instructions below:

  1. Edit your unattend.txt file and ensure it contains the following:
        OemPreinstall = Yes
  2. Copy the Qxxxxxx.exe images to the %OEM% folder (the same folder as the unattend.txt and the cmdlines.txt files)
  3. Edit your %oem%\cmdlines.txt file and add the following:
    "Q123456 /n /q /z"
    "Q654321 /n /q /z"
  4. Save the change

During installation the hotfixes will automatically be installed.

TAGS: Security
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