How can I install specific applications from the Windows .NET Server (Win.NET Server) and Windows 2000 Administration Tools pack?

A. Microsoft supplies the Win.NET Server and Win2K Administration Tools pack as one Windows Installer file (i.e., adminpak.msi). Executing the Windows Installer file installs the whole toolset to your machine. To install individual tools, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the command prompt by going to Start, Run and typing
  2. Navigate to the folder that contains adminpak.msi.
  3. Type
    msiexec /i adminpak.msi ADDLOCAL=<Short code for the tool> /qb
    For example, type
    msiexec /i adminpak.msi ADDLOCAL=FeADTools /qb
    for the Active Directory (AD) tools.
  4. Close the command-prompt session.

The full list of short codes is

Abbreviation Tool
FeADTools Active directory Tools
FeCERTConsole Certification Authority
FeClusterConsole Cluster Administrator
FeCMAKConsole Connection Manager Administration Kit
FeDFSConsole Distributed File System
FeDNSConsole DNS
FeIASConsole Internet Authentication Service
FeIISConsole Internet Services Manager
FeACSConsole QoS Admission Control
FeRSConsole Remote Storage
FeRRASConsole Routing and Remote Access
FeTAPIConsole Telephony
FeTSClientConsole Terminal Services Client
FeTSMgrConsole Terminal Services Tools
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