How can I fool a program into thinking my Windows 2000 installation is actually Windows NT/95/98?

A. A. Windows 2000 provides a utility called APCOMPAT.EXE which can fool a program into thinking it is running on Windows NT (service pack 3,4 or 5), Windows 95 or Windows 98. The syntax of the command is as follows:

apcompat \[-?\] \[-v version name\] \[-x program path\] \[-d\] \[-t\] \[-g\] \[-k\]

-? Displays the syntax for the command line parameters. 
-v <version name> Specifies the name of the operating system you want to return to the specified program. 
  1 Returns the version WindowsNT4 SP3
2 Returns the version WindowsNT4 SP4
3 Returns the version WindowsNT4 SP5
4 Returns the version Windows98
5 Returns the version Windows95
-x <program path> Specifies the path and name of the executable (.exe) file for the program you want to run. 
-d Disables the Heap Manager for the portion of memory reserved for the specified program
-t Uses \Temp for the Temp folder when running the specified program
-g Corrects disk space detection.
-k Stores the specified Application Compatibility settings

The tool is part of the Windows 2000 support tools and is documented in the w2rksupp.chm HTML Help file. You can run APCOMPAT.EXE with no qualifiers which will launch a GUI version allowing you to make choices on screen. It can be found in in the support\tools folder of your CD.

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