How can I determine which version of Microsoft SQL Server I'm running?

A. Start the SQL Server Enterprise Manager application (go to Start, Programs, Microsoft SQL Server, and click Enterprise Manager), right-click the SQL server, select Properties, then select the General tab to view the product version number, as this figure shows.

See also, "Inventory SQL Server Versions on Multiple Computers."

You can also obtain the version number by starting the SQL Query Analyzer and running the command

select @@version

The following table lists the SQL Server version numbers and the corresponding product and service pack level:

Version Number  SQL Server Version 

============= 8.00.760 SQL Server 2000 with Service Pack 3a (SP3a) 8.00.760 SQL Server 2000 with SP3 8.00.532 SQL Server 2000 with SP2 8.00.384 SQL Server 2000 with SP1 8.00.194 SQL Server 2000 with no service pack applied 7.00.1063 SQL Server 7.0 with SP4 7.00.961 SQL Server 7.0 with SP3 7.00.842 SQL Server 7.0 with SP2 7.00.699 SQL Server 7.0 with SP1 7.00.623 SQL Server 7.0 with no service pack applied 6.50.479 SQL Server 6.5 with SP5a (updated) 6.50.416 SQL Server 6.5 with SP5a 6.50.415 SQL Server 6.5 with SP5 6.50.281 SQL Server 6.5 with SP4 6.50.258 SQL Server 6.5 with SP3 6.50.240 SQL Server 6.5 with SP2 6.50.213 SQL Server 6.5 with SP1 6.50.201 SQL Server 6.5 with no service pack applied 6.00.151 SQL Server 6.0 with SP3 6.00.139 SQL Server 6.0 with SP2 6.00.124 SQL Server 6.0 with SP1 6.00.121 SQL Server 6.0 with no service pack applied
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