How can I create a shortcut that includes a space character?

A. A space in a shortcut isn't a valid target and results in the system not finding the target. For example, if a link is to help.htm, when you use the link, it points only to To work around this problem, use the %20 sequence (which is the standard HTML sequence for a space in a URL) instead of the space.

This approach works for any protocol, including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MAILTO, File, NNTP, Telnet, News, Outlook, and UNC Naming. See the examples below:

  • HTTP example:
  • FTP example:
  • MAILTO example: mailto:some%[email protected]
  • UNC example: \\someserver\Some%20Share\

The other official method is to place the shortcut in double quotes with the spaces as normal characters

Thanks to Robert Joa for this great tip.

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