How can I create a non-network hardware configuration?

A. A. You may have some machines that are not always connected to the network, and a solution is to create an alternate hardware profile which has all network devices and services disabled.

  1. Start Control Panel (Start - Settings - Control Panel)
  2. Start the System Control Panel Applet
  3. Select the Hardware Profiles tab
  4. Select the current configuration and click Copy
  5. In the To box enter the name "No Network" and click OK
  6. From the Available Hardware Profiles box, select "No Network" and click Properties
  7. Click the Network tab, and check the "Network disabled hardware profiles" box and click OK
  8. Check the wait for time is set, e.g. 30 seconds and then click OK
  9. You can also change the name of "Original Configuration" to "On Network" if you want by selecting it and clicking rename and typing the new name.

To actually use this configuration when you boot up the machine, after you select the operating system to load, e.g. "Windows NT Workstation 4.0" you will receive another menu with your hardware profile choices. Select the required and click enter.

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