How can I create an Automated System Recovery (ASR) backup?

A. Windows XP includes a new backup option known as ASR to create a backup set that you can use to automatically restore Windows after a system crash. I recommend that you use this backup option to regularly create up-to-date ASR sets.

The ASR backup consists of a backup of the system files that ASR requires for Windows to function and a 3.5" disk that contains information about your system that ASR requires to start the restore process. The ASR backup doesn't back up data files, so you need to back them up separately.

To create an ASR backup, perform the following steps:

  1. Start NT Backup (go to Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Backup).
  2. When the wizard version of NT Backup starts, click Advanced Mode.
  3. From the Tools menu, select ASR Wizard, then click Next on the introduction screen.
  4. Select a destination for the backup.
  5. Click Finish to begin the ASR backup process.
  6. When prompted, insert a blank 3.5" disk to back up your system settings.
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