How can I copy Windows Server 2003 R2 File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) templates between servers?

A. Currently, there's no way to use the GUI to copy templates between servers, but you can use command-line tools to export and import templates. For example, to export a specific file-screening template, use the datascrn.exe command-line utility, as the following example shows (use dirquota.exe to export quota templates):

C:\>filescrn template export /file:e:\filescreenmp3.xml /template:"Block MP3"

To import the template, substitute import for export with the same syntax, as this example shows:

C:\>filescrn template import /file:e:\filescreenmp3.xml /template:"Block MP3"
Note that you can use the /remote switch to import a template to or from a remote server.

If a file screen operates on nonstandard file groups, you need to export and import them also or the file groups the template references won't exist on the target server. You do this via the "filescrn filegroup" export and import command using the same format as we used to import and export templates.

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