How can I connect to a Windows .NET Server (Win.NET Server) console?

A. The Windows 2000 Server family lets you make two connections to a server in Win2K Server Terminal Services administration mode without requiring additional licenses, but neither connection is an actual console session. Win.NET Server addresses this omission by letting you connect to the console session using technology taken from Windows XP's Remote Desktop feature.

The XP Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) client can connect to a console session, but this ability is hidden. To connect to a Win.NET Server console from an XP system, you have to start the RDC client with the /console switch by typing the following at the command prompt:

msdtc /console 

The RDC graphical interface will start as usual, but the connection to the Win.NET Server will display a console session instead of creating a new RDP session.

To modify the RDC client shortcut to always include the /console switch, right-click the RDC client shortcut item on the Start menu, select Properties from the context menu, and add /console to the Target. For example,

C:\Program Files\Remote Desktop\mstsc.exe
C:\Program Files\Remote Desktop\mstsc.exe /console

If you aren't using XP, you can install the Win.NET Server RDC client on a Win2K or later client. Win.NET Server also ships with the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Remote Desktops snap-in, which lets you connect to a console by selecting the "Connect to console" check box.

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