How can I configure NT Server 4.0 to not allow users to login if their mandatory is not available?

A. This was the standard behavior under NT 3.51, but for this to work under NT 4.0 as well as the user profile being instead of ntuser.dat the users profile folder also has to be .man so rename the users profile folder to <name>.man.

  1. Start User Manager for Domains on the PDC
  2. Select the User and click the Profile button
  3. Check the users "User Profile Path"
  4. Start Explorer and move to the users path and select his folder, press F2 (to rename) and just add .man to the end of the folder name, e.g. and hit enter
  5. Back in User Manager add the .man to the profile path, e.g.
  6. Close User Manager for domains

TAGS: Windows 8
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