How can I compress my WINS database?

A. NT Server ships with a utility called JETPACK.EXE which can be used to compact DHCP and WINS databases. To compact your WINS database perform the following:

  1. Start a command prompt (cmd.exe)
  2. Enter the following commands
    cd %SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32\WINS
    e.g. cd d:\winnt\system32\wins
    net stop WINS
    jetpack WINS.MDB TMP.MDB
    net start WINS

Note: While you stop the WINS service, clients using WINS to resolve addresses will fail unless another mechanism of name resolution is in place.

Jetpack actually compacts WINS.MDB into TMP.MDB, then deletes WINS.MDB and copies TMP.MDB to WINS.MDB.

For more information, see Knowledge base article Q145881 at

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