How can I check a system's availability?

A. Microsoft's Uptime tool, which you can download at , displays basic system-uptime information. This tool can also list all startup and shutdown events, and you can use the /s switch to show the total percent time that your machine has been available. For example, when I type

D:\temp>uptime /s
on my machine, the Uptime tool displays the following information:
Uptime Report for: \\EAGLE01

Current OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Service Pack 1, Multiprocessor Free.
Time Zone: GMT Standard Time

System Events as of 07/11/2002 15:03:30:

Date:         Time:     Event:             Comment:
----------    -------   -----------------  ---------------------------
27/09/2002    10:54:46  Shutdown
27/09/2002    10:56:42  Boot               Prior downtime:0d 0h:1m:56s
27/09/2002    13:21:54  Shutdown           Prior uptime:0d 2h:25m:12s
27/09/2002    13:23:36  Boot               Prior downtime:0d 0h:1m:42s
30/09/2002    08:46:37  Service Pack       Service Pack 1 installed
30/09/2002    08:47:50  Shutdown           Prior uptime:2d 19h:24m:14s
30/09/2002    08:52:57  Boot               Prior downtime:0d 0h:5m:7s
01/10/2002    08:45:22  Shutdown           Prior uptime:0d 23h:52m:25s
01/10/2002    08:50:30  Boot               Prior downtime:0d 0h:5m:8s
02/10/2002    10:46:07  Shutdown           Prior uptime:1d 1h:55m:37s
02/10/2002    10:48:38  Boot               Prior downtime:0d 0h:2m:31s
03/10/2002    08:52:48  Shutdown           Prior uptime:0d 22h:4m:10s
03/10/2002    08:58:31  Boot               Prior downtime:0d 0h:5m:43s
04/10/2002    15:56:58  Shutdown           Prior uptime:1d 6h:58m:27s
04/10/2002    16:02:47  Boot               Prior downtime:0d 0h:5m:49s
07/10/2002    13:23:54  Shutdown           Prior uptime:2d 21h:21m:7s
07/10/2002    13:25:46  Boot               Prior downtime:0d 0h:1m:52s
10/10/2002    14:55:03  Shutdown           Prior uptime:3d 1h:29m:17s
10/10/2002    15:01:13  Boot               Prior downtime:0d 0h:6m:10s
11/10/2002    09:19:20  Shutdown           Prior uptime:0d 18h:18m:7s
11/10/2002    09:21:08  Boot               Prior downtime:0d 0h:1m:48s
28/10/2002    09:24:07  Shutdown           Prior uptime:17d 1h:2m:59s
28/10/2002    09:26:48  Boot               Prior downtime:0d 0h:2m:41s
07/11/2002    08:22:25  Shutdown           Prior uptime:9d 22h:55m:37s
07/11/2002    08:24:18  Boot               Prior downtime:0d 0h:1m:53s

Current System Uptime: 0 day(s), 6 hour(s), 39 minute(s), 12 second(s)

Estimate based on last boot record in the event log.
See UPTIME /help for more detail.


Since 27/09/2002:

           System Availability: 99.9287%
                  Total Uptime: 41d 4h:26m:24s
                Total Downtime: 0d 0h:42m:20s
                 Total Reboots: 12
     Mean Time Between Reboots: 3.43 days
             Total Bluescreens: 0
Notice the final summary, which displays useful information such as the number of total reboots and the mean time between reboots. You can use the /d: switch to generate statistics from a certain date or use the /p: switch to generate the statistics for a certain number of days. The /help switch provides a description of all available options.
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