How can I check how long my Windows XP machine takes to boot?

A. The XP design goals on a typical PC are

  • Boot to a usable state in 30 seconds
  • Resume from Hibernate (S4) in 20 seconds
  • Resume from Standby (S3) in 5 seconds

Web site. After you download and execute the self-extracting file, place the extracted bootvis.exe file in a folder within your machine's PATH statement. To see your system's path settings, go to a command prompt and type

 set path

To get help with Bootvis, go to a command prompt and type

 bootvis /?

To collect boot-up information for system boot and driver use, go to the command prompt and type

 bootvis -on boot+drivers

This command adds Bootvis to the Startup folder and reboots the machine (giving you 10 seconds to cancel) so that Bootvis can collect the information. After Bootvis reboots your system, the utility will execute, collect the data, and display the findings.

Click here to view image

To stop Bootvis from executing at startup and remove the command from the Startup folder, go to the command prompt and type

 bootvis -off
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