How can I add a replica child node to Dfs in Windows 2000?

A. The Windows 2000 version of Dfs allows child replica sets to be created in which a single Dfs leaf points to multiple shares on different servers the File Replication Service will keep the contents of all shares in sync with each other. This allows fault tolerance AND load balancing.

Members of a node replica set must:

  1. All be members of the domain
  2. Use NTFS 5.0
  3. Must be on different servers. You cannot replicate between shares on the same server.

To add a new Dfs child replica member perform the following:

  1. Ensure an up-to-date copy of the resource to which a new replica member is to be added is placed in the new share which will join the set
  2. Start the Distributed File System MMC snap-in (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - Distributed File System)
  3. Right click on the child node you wish to add a replica to and select ‘New Replica’
  4. You will need to enter the UNC of the new share and you have the option for
    - Manual replication
    - Automatic replication
    ’Manual replication’ is useful if the contents are read-only documents which do not often change. Joint replication will replicate the contents of the shares with all members in the replica set. Click OK
  5. The replication set topology dialog will be shown. Check replication has been enabled and click OK
    Click here to view image

Multi-master replication is used except on the first replication path where the contents of the Primary server is copied to the other members. Any content currently in the other shares is moved to a NtFrs-PreExisting subdirectory (but a checksum is performed and if the files match with the primary servers share they are moved back into the main directory to save network bandwidth in copying them from the Primary server).

Replication is every 15 minutes by default.

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