How can I add my own information to General tab of the System Control Panel applet?

A. When you receive a PC from a manufacturer you may see extra lines of description text and a company logo in the General tab of a System Control Panel applet, and this can be changed or added as follows:

  1. Create a bitmap you want with dimensions 180 by 114. Save the picture in the %systemroot%/system32 folder (e.g. d:\winnt\system32) with a name of OEMLOGO.BMP. If the picture is greater than this size then it will be clipped from the top left corner. If it is smaller then a black border will be added.
  2. Create the file %systemroot%/system32/OEMINFO.INI (e.g. d:\winnt\system32\oeminfo.ini) with the following format:
    Manufacturer=SavillTech Ltd
    Model=SuperDuper 1
    \[Support Information\]
    Line1=" "
    Line2="For support ...."
    Line3=" "

You do not need to reboot the machine, the system control panel applet will pick up the files when started. The information above would give the following:

sysgen.gif (15357 bytes)

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