How can I add information to Windows 2000’s System Properties General tab?

A. When you receive a PC from a manufacturer, you might see extra lines of description text and a company logo on the Control Panel System applet’s General tab. You can change the logo and text.

  1. Create a bitmap with the dimensions 172 ´ 172. Save the picture as oemlogo.bmp in the \%systemroot%\system32 folder (e.g., D:\winnt\system32). If the picture is larger than 172 ´ 172, the OS clips the top left corner. If the picture is smaller, the OS adds a black border.
  2. Create the file \%systemroot%\system32\oeminfo.ini (e.g., D:\winnt\system32\oeminfo.ini) with the format that Listing 1 shows.
  3. LISTING 1: Format for Oeminfo.ini File

    Manufacturer=SavillTech Ltd
    Model=SuperDuper 1
    SubModel=Optional line
    SerialNo=Optional line
    OEM1=Optional private info
    OEM2=More private info
    Product=Your Product Name
    \[Support Information\]
    Line1=" "
    Line2="For support ...."

    Figure 1 shows an example of how you can use oeminfo.ini to customise the System Properties General tab. You don’t need to reboot the machine, because the System applet will pick up the files when the applet starts.

    Click here to view image

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