HLDate is a freeware application that outputs a formatted current or given date and/or time to STDOUT using any custom format.


Download HLDate_1.0.1.zip and unzip the files a folder in your PATH.

When you type HLDate /?, you receive:

HLDate, Version 1.0.1, Copyright (c) 2006, Hard & Landsman *** FREEWARE ***
This is date/time helper utility for batch works under Windows NT/2000/XP/..

HLDate \[formatstring\] \[/U\] \[/FD:value\] \[/FW:value\]
       \[/D:value|/J:value\] \[/L:value\] \[/R\] \[/HIJRI\]

formatstring    - Just the VBA syntax. Examples: "d, dddd - hh:nn", "0.0000"
/U(tc)          - Returns UTC instead of local time (ignored with /D or /J)
/FD:value       - First-day-of-week mode (0 - system default, 1 - 7)
/FW:value       - First-week-of-year mode (0 - system default, 1 - 3)
/D(ate):value   - The custom date to be formatted instead of current date
                  Example: /D:"2005-04-03 02:01"
/J(ulian):value - The custom date as a "Julian day". Example: /J:38445.08403
/L(cid):value   - Formats and recognizes date according to LocaleID specified
                  Example: /L:0x419. User's settings (0x400) are default
/R              - Tries to recognize input in alternate locale (for /D or /J)
/HIJRI          - Alternates calendar

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