Here Comes the First Microsoft Lumia Handset

Here Comes the First Microsoft Lumia Handset

But no juicy details, sorry

We already got confirmation that Microsoft will continue using the Lumia branding on its first-party smart phones, but would drop the Nokia name. But now the firm is providing more information about this transition, and teasing its first Microsoft Lumia-branded smart phone.

This information comes via a canned Q&A with Microsoft senior vice president of marketing Tuula Rytilä on the Nokia Conversations Blog, which you have to think will be renamed any day now.

That Lumia naming decision? Not new

"When we announced that the Nokia Devices & Services business would become part of Microsoft, we also shared that Lumia, our smartphone brand, would become part of the Microsoft family." In other words, all this silliness over the name thing is misplaced. Lumia was always going to be the name.

Microsoft is transitioning the former Nokia "consumer touch points"

"We have already made some name changes to our apps to better reflect that these apps now come from Microsoft. [The Nokia-branded apps are all, or will soon be, renamed with Lumia in the name, not Nokia.] Our global and local websites are going through a transition as we speak and in the coming days our social channels will get a new name too – they will be called Microsoft Lumia. This work continues across our devices, packaging and retail, to name a few. It's all going as planned and we're excited that our integration in to Microsoft continues to be on track."

The first Microsoft Lumia handset

"We are looking forward to unveiling a Microsoft Lumia device soon. This is of course a natural progression as all devices that once came from Nokia now come from Microsoft."

Will Microsoft continue supporting existing Nokia Lumia handsets?

Duh, but I guess it had to be stated.

"Microsoft continues to sell and support the Nokia Lumia phones that are out in the market, such as the recently announced Lumia 830 and Lumia 730/735. The Lumia promise that you've come to experience and love will remain. We will continue to honor customer warranties and provide world-class care services as before."

Will Microsoft continue using the Nokia name on new phones?

Actually, yes, but only on "dumb" phones like the Nokia 130. "We have licensed the Nokia brand for such devices."

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