Health Mate Gives You a Local View of Your Microsoft Health Data

Health Mate Gives You a Local View of Your Microsoft Health Data

I hear from more and more Microsoft Band customers that they want a Windows 10 app that allows them to review their Microsoft Health information offline. They also suggest that Microsoft should be the one to provide it, but that hasn’t happened – yet.

In the interim, I recently came across an app called Heath Mate that seeks to provide some level of that requested functionality. It doesn’t deliver everything that the Microsoft Health dashboard does, but offers instead an overview of weight, steps, calories burned, heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep. It does dig a bit deeper than Microsoft Health does though. Microsoft Health does show information onscreen by week and month, but Health Mate also provides information by year and results by the hour. These data sets are also available with Microsoft Health, but only if you use the Export feature in your Microsoft Health dashboard profile.

Health Mate combines information from two sources: your Microsoft Health and Withings accounts. It doesn’t currently allow connecting to actual devices over Bluetooth, but it only pulls in and stores data from these accounts.

The app is currently designed only for Windows 10 desktop. There’s a Live Tile option for Health Mate, but you have to make an in-app purchase of $0.99 to get it.

Grab it here to get started: Health Mate

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