Hands On: Tough Tested Earbuds and 8000 mAh Powerbank


Construction sites are some demanding and harsh environments that is why the gear you see on these sites are heavy duty and nearly unbreakable.

Imagine carrying your favorite iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and its accessories into this dirty, noisy and rough environment.

That is where a company called Tough Tested is coming in and giving folks who need to be in these challenging environments on a daily basis options for their accessories that can stand up to those inhospitable locations.

I do not work on a construction site of course but I have had the opportunity recently to check out two of the products from Tough Tested to see just how well made they are not only for anyone working in challenging environments but for an everyday gadget geek.

The first item is the Heavy Duty Noise Control Earbuds with Mic.

These are some of the most comfortable earbuds I have worn which are made to hook over your ear. It has a cable that is braided and all of the connections are well reinforced. The soft rubber hooks that go around your ear are adjustable and wrap around the braided wires as you place them on and eliminates any tugging and weird fits when you insert the earbud into your ear.

These earbuds have a noise reduction rating of 23db to protect from the loud noises on a construction site or on an airplane and include a built in equalizer they call EQ-Voice that helps make calls and music even clearer. As for dust and water the Tough Tested Noise Control Earbuds are rated at IP-64 which means they are certified to prevent any dust intrusion and water spray from any direction.

These normally retail for $69.99 but are now offered for $59.99 through the Tough Tested website. You can also find them on Amazon if you prefer to save a few extra dollars.

Weatherproof 8000 mAh Dual USB Battery Pack

In order to listen to your music and use your phone all day long on a construction site or in a situation where there is no power outlets then you need backup battery juice.

This 8000 mAh powerbank from Tough Tested has enough juice in it to charge most phone at least 3 times and for some even more. It has also been built to IP-65 which means no dust is getting plus water from low pressure water jets from any direction is also rebuffed.

When you look at this device you know it is tough but then you pick it up and realize it really puts the word brick in the power brick name.

It uses a Micro USB port for charging and then has two normal size USB ports that be used to charge two devices at once - including support on one channel for fast charging. As an added bonus this power bank also has an LED flashlight built in for emergency lighting and other uses.

This normally retails from Tough Tested for $79.99 but now only costs $59.99 however, you can also find this through Amazon at a discount from certain third party sellers.

If you are hard on your accessories then you should check out Tough Tested and also see what they offer when it comes to cables and protective cases for devices.


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