Gym Radio: Microsoft Band Friendly Workout Playlist Radio

Gym Radio: Microsoft Band Friendly Workout Playlist Radio

Released a week ago with Windows 10 support, I’ve been giving Gym Radio a workout (pun intended) for my runs since I downloaded and installed it, and I have to say it’s not bad.

And, the app works with the Microsoft Band 2’s semi-new on-screen music controls. And, since Microsoft Band

There’s a free version and a Premium version. The Premium version gives you more capability, of course, which includes song skipping, access to new songs (says they add more than 100 a month), no ads, and the ability to record songs from the playlist for offline listening (good for long runs outside network coverage areas). If you create an account you’re immediately granted a 30-day Premium trial subscription.

One of the strange bits about the app and service, though, is that either a Facebook or Google+ account is required to create a membership account, i.e., you can’t register an account directly or use your Microsoft account as a credential bridge.

Premium per month subscription: $1.49

Premium per year subscription: $10.99.

Obviously, the yearly subscription is the best option, so that’s what I went with.

The music that the app pumps during a workout is pretty good – and does, indeed, fit the bill for helping deliver a more energetic workout (at least for me). You can choose based on the type of workout you are performing and the music stream matches your efforts. You can choose from Cardio, Gym (which is more for weightlifting), and Hardcore (music with attitude).


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