Group Policy Diagnostic Best Practice Analyzer

Where can I download the Group Policy Diagnostic Best Practice Analyzer?

A. Microsoft has released the Group Policy Diagnostic Best Practice Analyzer (GPDBPA), which you can access at the two links below. The second link is for the 64-bit edition. This tool helps check the configuration of Group Policy within an environment for any configuration errors or dependency failures that might prevent Group Policy from behaving as expected.

Once it’s installed, a shortcut will appear on the Start menu, which initiates the tool. You can then choose to connect to the Internet to check for an updated version and proceed to the Welcome screen. On the Welcome screen, choose the "Select options for a new scan" link. You must provide a name for the scan, along with a user name on the domain and a client machine name (if testing the DC functionality). Click "Start scanning."

Once the scan is complete, the overview of the test appears, and you can select "View a report of this Best Practices scan" to see the detailed output.

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