Group Policies that no longer apply to Windows 10 Professional Version 1607

Group Policies that no longer apply to Windows 10 Professional Version 1607

Earlier this week, the day before Microsoft released the second major update to Windows 10 called the Anniversary Update, we wrote about some changes that appeared to be coming with this new version of Windows and how it impacts remotely managing group policies on Windows 10 Professional Version 1607.

There have now been updates to a TechNet article about managing and updating Windows 10 and a specific list of group policies that only apply to the Windows 10 Enterprise and Education versions of the Anniversary Update (Version 1607) is now available.

Here are those policies that can no longer be implemented on Windows 10 Professional Version 1607 through remote management tools:

  • Configure Spotlight on lock screen
  • Turn off all Windows Spotlight features
  • Turn off Microsoft Consumer features
  • Do not display the lock screen
  • Do not require CTRL+ALT+DELETE & Turn off app notifications on the lock screen
  • Do not show Windows Tips
  • Force a specific default lock screen image
  • Start layout
  • Turn off the Store application
  • Only display private store within the Windows Store app
  • Don't search the web or display web results

It also appears that while the ability to remotely manage these group policies is no longer possible they can be edited in the Local Group Policy editor on each machine.

So it appears some companies will have to pick a Plan B to deal with these limitations that are now imposed once their systems are upgraded to Windows 10 Pro Version 1607.

What is your plan?

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