GoodSync Makes True Data Syncing Easy

If you've ever attempted data synchronization, you know that the task often isn’t as easy as it’s made out to be. Siber Systems announced GoodSync, its new data-synchronization application, software that promises to make true data synchronization easy, accurate, and complete, ensuring that users have access to their most current files wherever needed.

GoodSync lets you synchronize data between home and office PCs, between a laptop and desktop computer, even between a PC and any kind of removable or external media device such as a USB flash drive, CD-R/W disc, MP3 player, or digital camera. You can perform synchronization either directly, over a home or workplace network, or via the Internet.

GoodSync is a true bi-directional (even n-directional) synchronization solution, meaning that it automatically detects the latest file changes and deletions regardless of where the changes/deletions exist, then moves those updates to all other devices involved in the sync. This multi-directional approach simplifies the syncing process.

You can sync the contents of your My Documents folder on a USB drive, then drive to an Internet café, where they can plug in and access your files with ease. GoodSync also simplifies MP3 file management and updates. If you choose to add a particular music file to your MP3 player, the change occurs automatically on the host PC the next time you sync the devices.

The GoodSync data synchronization utility is free for personal use. You can obtain a professional version of the product for $19.95. Check out the company Web site for download and purchase information.

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