GFI to Expand MailArchiver Capabilities

GFI announced that it has acquired the technology assets of XEmplifyIT, an email management company. The acquisition will allow GFI to further empower its MailArchiver solution while at the same time removing a competitor from the marketplace.

XEmplifyIT's solution handles PST files, which are used by Microsoft Outlook for storing email. The company's email management solution offers compression for file attachments and can compact PST files to reduce their size, which helps recover disk space. XEmplifyIT said that it is the only company to offer such compacting technology.

The company's solutions also help enforce policies, remove unauthorized content, help with auditing and discovery, archive email to SQL Server databases or NTFS file systems, and provide a Web-based interface to research archived email.

Most of the features are also present in GFI's MailArchiver solution, however GFI said that it is acquiring XEmplifyIT to help MailArchiver scale to 1,000+ mailboxes.

"According to Gartner, the email archiving market is estimated to grow to $921m by 2010. This strategic technology acquisition is part of our long-term strategy to use cutting-edge technology to constantly improve our product range and provide comprehensive and robust solutions to the SMB market," said Curtis H. Staker, chairman and CEO.

GFI MailArchiver works with Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and other mail servers that support IMAP connections.

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