Getting VERITAS Backup Exec to Recognize a New Tape Library

I use VERITAS Software's VERITAS Backup Exec 8.6 to back up my network. I'm replacing a Sony AIT-2 tape library with Spectra Logic's (Spectra 10K) AIT-3 library, and I've run into a problem. Backup Exec recognizes the new library but identifies it as an unknown device. Windows 2000, however, appears to recognize the new library as an AIT-3 tape device. How can I resolve this problem?

This type of problem usually points to corruption of the master driver database that Backup Exec uses. An easy fix is to stop all Backup Exec services, then go to the Backup Exec installation directory (i.e., \Veritas\Backup Exec\NT) and rename the pvl.mdb file to pvl.old. Then, copy the pvl.mdb file from the Backup Exec installation CD-ROM to the installation directory. Restart the Backup Exec services and launch the application (you don't need to reboot the system). Backup Exec's Device Wizard will open and correctly recognize the AIT-3 tape drive.

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