Getting a Thinkpad OEM installed version of NT to occupy only one partition.

A. A possible annoyance of some Thinkpad installs is that they come pre-partitioned in 2 Gigabyte chunks. If your machine (or the machine your are configuring) has a large hard drive this can add unwanted drive letters. To complicate things further, these machines come with "Disaster Recovery CDs" and users sometimes request the preload.

To load the preloaded image onto a single partition do the following :

NOTE : We will be wiping the drive, be sure to back your user's data

1)From a working single partiton NT machine, format a floppy disk.

2)Copy ntldr,, and boot.ini to the floppy.

3)Edit boot.ini on the floppy and make sure that at least one of the selections looks something like :

\[boot loader\]
\[operating systems\]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT="Partition 1 on first disk 2Windows NT Version 4.00"

4)Boot to a floppy with a Win9X command interpreter (your can make one from Windows95 by formatting a floppy from DOS using the "format a: /q /s" command. This should be a different floppy from the NT floppy you made in step 1 and 2. Copy Fdisk or pqmagict.exe to the floppy.

5)Use either PQMagic or Fdisk to create a single primary partition on the drive (no need to format the drive)

6)Boot to your recovery CD and initiate a recovery. Do NOT take the defaults.

7)The recovery procedure will detect partitions.

8)When asked if you would like to overwrite your partition info do not. When asked if you would like to format the partition, select yes.
Note : The formatted partition will be formatted FAT (not FAT32)

9)The recovery procedure will copy its files and eventually try to reboot.
Note, if you try to boot at this stage, the machine won't boot. Why?

Because a 6.0 Gig FAT partition isn't bootable.

10)Boot from the NT floppy you made in step 1. If the floppy points correctly to the NT install, NT will boot.

11)Run checkdisk if it hasn't already run.

12)From the command prompt convert the drive to NTFS (convert c: /fs:ntfs)
This conversion will happen at the next reboot.

13)Check your boot.ini to make sure it looks right.

14)If you want, Run rdisk /s and Disk Administrator and let it make its signature.


You now a have preload on a single partition.

Thanks to Matthew Ramadanovic for this

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