Getting the Most from Address Book Views

Address Book Views (ABVs) are unlike most Exchange Server objects. For example, when you create a new object (e.g., a mailbox) in Exchange Server, you can usually change that object only within the site in which you created it. However, you can change ABVs from any site. Therefore, to avoid the possibility of two administrators changing views simultaneously, you need to administer ABVs centrally.

In addition, Exchange Server replicates ABVs between sites every 4 hours, independent of the default 3-hour replication defined by the directory replication connector schedule. If you want to decrease ABV replication traffic, you can change this interval by going into raw mode. In Exchange Administrator, go to Start, Run, and enter the path to admin.exe followed by the /r switch. The path will look something like


Click OK to open Exchange Administrator. Select Address Book Views, then File, Raw Properties. In the Object attributes window, select Period-Rep-Sync-Times, as Screen A shows. Click Editor, then OK to view the schedule. In this dialog box, you can select the interval you want; in most cases a 12- to-24-hour interval is acceptable.

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