Get one week of EA Access for free on your Xbox One

Get one week of EA Access for free on your Xbox One

Whenever I am aware that someone has purchased a new Xbox One I always recommend EA Access to them because it is an inexpensive way to gain quick access to a solid collection of games to build up their Xbox One library.

For those who may not be familiar with EA Access it is a subscription service that provides unlimited access to a vault of EA game titles across several genres.

The subscription costs $4.99 per month but the real value is to subscribe annually and that fee is only $29.99 - a significant savings over a monthly subscription. Some of these games retail for much more than the overall subscription price so it is a great value in my opinion.

Once you are a subscriber you will have immediate access to the library of games in the EA Access Vault which includes 14 titles currently. 

- Battlefield Hardline

- Dragon Age: Inquisition

- Titanfall

- Battlefield 4

- Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

- NBA Live 15

- Madden 15

- NHL 15

- FIFA 15

- FIFA 14

- Peggle 2


- Need for Speed Rivals

- Madden 25

You can download and install any of these games and they will be fully playable for the duration of your subscription to EA Access. You can even grab DLC for these games (free or paid) and it will be compatible. You will also earn any and all gamerscore as you play through each title.

In addition to the games in the EA Access Vault you also get a couple of other benefits with this subscription:

- Get early access to upcoming releases before their public availability and keep any game progress you make if you choose to buy the game. This early access usually provides 10 hours of full game play - it is not a trial. Some of the recent early access games included Star Wars: Battlefront, FIFA 16, NHL 16, Need for Speed and Madden 16.

- Save 10% on all EA digital purchases on your Xbox One - this includes the DLC for games in the Vault and other EA titles.

If you are not sure about subscribing right now then you can check things out by taking advantage of EA Access Free Play Days between 19-24 January. You must already be subscribed to Xbox Live Gold to enjoy the free play days and EA Access subscription.

EA Access is an Xbox One exclusive.

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