Get a Free eBook Per Month for a Year from Microsoft Press

Get a Free eBook Per Month for a Year from Microsoft Press

To help build recognition for the new Pearson-hosted Microsoft Press web site, MS Press is running a promotion where 10 lucky recipients will receive a free eBook each month for a year.

Ten winners will receive one free Microsoft Press title of their choice each month for a year. The deadline for the contest is June 30, 2014, and Microsoft is using a Facebook form to enter:

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For those just catching up, Microsoft and O'Reilly ended the partnership for Microsoft Press sometime around the first of the year. A new partnership with Pearson Education was announced in early March. As part of the new deal, a new Microsoft Press web site was developed to be hosted on Pearson's servers.

The web site is located here:

To help promote the launch of the new store (May 2, 2014), Microsoft is also offering an entire store sale where you can save 40% on all listed books and eBooks. Just use discount code NEW40 at checkout. If interested, do it quick, as the sale ends on May 11, 2014.

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