Get Certified at the 2004 International CES

In addition to hearing keynote speakers, attending conferences, and seeing vendors, attendees of the 2004 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) can attend consumer-technology training and certification programs. When the 2004 International CES meets in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 8 though 11, 2004, attendees can visit retailer training courses that the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the producers of CES, created. Back from last year, the Wireless Certification Program (WCP) teaches retail professionals about the wireless industry, its products, and how to sell them. Also returning this year is CEA's Home Audio Training. The Home Audio Training emphasizes stereo and home-theater applications, including accessories, amplifiers, receivers, and source components. The Digital Television (DTV) Retailer Training, a new program this year, gives attendees the scoop on DTV features, benefits, and products. The 2004 International CES will also feature another new program—the TechHome Basic Training, which gives an overview of the home-networking and automation industry and demonstrates product installations, operations, and testing.

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