Get Up to $650 Off a Surface Pro 4 by Trading in an Older Surface Tablet

Get Up to $650 Off a Surface Pro 4 by Trading in an Older Surface Tablet

As part of a sort of Spring Cleaning sale, Microsoft is making available a new program where you can trade-in a Surface Pro 3, Surface 3, or Surface Pro 2 and get up to $650 trade-in dollars. There doesn’t appear to be an end-date associate with the program, but it can’t last forever.

The trade-in is available through an online mechanism and also an in-store operation. Obviously, you get more trade-in cash if the unit is working, but the program does also provide options for non-working units. But, there are stipulations that must be met for Microsoft to accept the old devices as trade-in units. They are:

  • The screen must not have any cracks or dead pixels.
  • The cursor must respond normally to touch on the display.
  • The housing must be completely intact without cracks or missing parts, and cannot have any etchings or asset tags.
  • The Surface must power on and boot all of the way to the Windows desktop.
  • The power button must toggle the display, and the volume button must cause the volume indicator to appear.
  • The device must support normal operation without being connected to a charger.
  • The kick stand opens and stays firmly in place.
  • All other facets of the Surface must function normally, including but not limited to wireless connectivity and the camera.

Trading in the power adapter and a type cover increases the trade-in value.

Drop out to the following link to learn more and to participate: Trade in, trade up

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