Generating Delivery Reports

I need to produce reports that show the number of messages sent and delivered between the Exchange 2000 Server systems in an organization. What's the easiest way to generate these reports?

If you turn on message tracking for all servers in the organization, you'll have all the raw data you need to produce the reports. (For more information about message tracking, see the Windows & .NET Magazine article "The Exchange 2000 Message Tracking Center," February 2003, InstantDoc ID 37591.) The question then becomes what to do with that data. The easiest solution is to use Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) or a third-party product from a vendor such as BindView, NetIQ, or Promodag to produce the reports. Or, you can write scripts that parse the message-tracking logs (see the Microsoft article "XADM: Message Tracking Logs Field Descriptions in Exchange 2000 Server" at for more information about the message tracking log format).

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