Gallery: Xbox Music App update on Android and iOS


We have already shown you the new Groove branding for Microsoft's music app on Windows 10 today and now there are updates for the Xbox Music app on Android and iOS.

These updates do not include the new Groove name however, they do finally deliver the ability to stream or download your music stored on OneDrive without the need for an Xbox Music Pass.

The complete list of changes in this update:

  • You no longer need Xbox Music Pass to use the app! (Certain features still require it)
  • Music in your OneDrive music folder now appears as part of your collection
  • In addition to playlists, you can now download individual songs and albums for offline use
  • Filter your music to see just what's available offline
  • Various bug fixes

Since I do not have an iOS device I can not show you that version of the app but this is a collection of screenshots from the updated Android app on my LG G4.

Download/View: Xbox Music on Android & Xbox Music on iOS


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