Gallery - 7 Days to Windows 10 - Microsoft Product Launches and Celebrities


Over the 40 years of Microsoft's existence they have launched a lot of products.

Some of those have been very low key events while others have been huge productions and involved various celebrities and musicians.

The launch of Windows 10 next week is being planned as a series of fan events that will be held in Microsoft Stores across the US and other international locations. Some of the celebrities/sports figures appearing in those locations are Sugar Ray Leonard, OneRepublic, Andre Iguodala, Abby Wambach and Brian Cushing to name a few.

Since there is no big centralized Microsoft launch we though it would be fun to take a little trip back in time and see some of the folks who have helped launch Microsoft products in the past.

Do you have a Windows launch memory? Maybe you lined up for the midnight launch of Windows 95 like I did.  Let us know about it in the comments below.

Enjoy - there are just 7 days left until Windows 10.


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