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Free Tool of the Week: Simulate Your Data-Reduction/Capacity-Savings Potential

bridgestor Because of the explosive rise of virtualization, SMBs are reconsidering their storage strategies. According to BridgeSTOR's CEO John Matze, "Racks that were once filled with servers have been replaced by a handful of VMware ESX servers."

As a way to respond to this new storage environment, BridgeSTOR has introduced its Virtual Storage-Advanced Data Reduction (VS-ADR) Simulator tool, which lets you predict the effects of deduplication and compression on your primary storage capacity requirements. The Simulator gives the storage manager insight into how aggressively VMware VMDK files, SQL data, shared home directory data, and other data can be size-reduced, saving both capital and operating dollars."

Available now from the BridgeSTOR website, the VS-ADR Simulator provides detailed information about the effectiveness and value of primary-storage data-reduction technologies by using samples of actual production or test data. Results of the Simulator scan are provided in a text-file report and graphically depicted in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.


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