Forever Freeware: Admin Script Editor Gets a Final Resting Place

Forever Freeware: Admin Script Editor Gets a Final Resting Place

Several years ago, a company called iTripoli offered a very cool application that gave scripters a well-designed and usable UI for building scripts using various scripting languages. Even though the tool was fabulous, it was offered as a paid subscription and since there are many free offerings available (and the last update didn't go smoothly), the tool was never a lucrative venture (outlined in a recent blog post). I've used the tool many times and have always appreciated how simple, yet powerful it is.

One of the developers, Bob Kelly, is a good friend of mine and has been an active member of the IT community for as long as I can remember. You might remember Bob from the old days. Bob developed, owned, and ran until KACE acquired the web site and then later revamped it and unveiled a transformed site called

Bob is still associated with the old, so that's where the Admin Script Editor will forever be found. There is no further development or support promised, but the tool is now free for download and use.

Its final resting place is here:

Admin Script Editor (ASE)

Even without support or further development, I'm sure many will still find it useful. And, of course, it's always cool to own a bit of history.

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