Fluentware Move My Printers 3.1.1

Automate print driver changes

When you implement new server-based printers, do they generate lots of Help desk calls from users struggling with the Add Printer wizard? Fluentware's Move My Printers 3.1.1, which simplifies the installation of printer drivers and the removal of obsolete drivers, might be just what you need.

The product has a two-part design. Administrators use a Deployment Toolkit program to describe the printers to install and remove, and the Move My Printers Engine component implements the changes on the client system. You install Move My Printers to the Windows-based system where you'll run the Deployment Toolkit, and place the engine and configuration files on a client-accessible network file share.

The Deployment Toolkit creates a command (.bat) file and a Web page, giving you two ways to run the engine. You can choose to run the .bat file from a logon script, or you can email Web page or .bat file links to users.

The Deployment Toolkit GUI supports two modes of operation: Active Directory and Manual Configuration. In Active Directory mode, you choose from printers published in Active Directory (AD). In Manual Configuration mode, you type in the names of the server and printers you want to work with. Additional modes help simplify large migration projects. In most circumstances, Move My Printers copies an existing server-based driver to the client.

Move My Printers isn't bug-free. Active Directory mode, which requires current versions of Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) on the client, was somewhat troublesome. While testing the product on Windows Server 2003, I experienced problems when I used the Web page to deploy to a client. Combining the .bat file-deployment method with Manual Configuration mode proved to be easy and reliable.

Move My Printers can free your users and Help desk staff from the aggravation that often results from installing new printers. The price is reasonable.

Move My Printers 3.1.1
PROS: Simply designed; easy to use
CONS: A little buggy; requires testing
RATING: 3 1/2 out of 5
PRICE: $199 for unlimited clients
RECOMMENDATION: If you need to implement new printers for a large number of clients, Move My Printers can save you a lot of aggravation.
CONTACT: Fluentware http://www.fluentware.com [email protected]

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