Fixing My Outlook Problem

While working with VMware, I accidentally damaged my system's outlook.pst file, which contains my business correspondence. I ran the Inbox Repair Tool (i.e., scanpst.exe), which I found at C:\program files\common files\system\mapi\1033\nt, but the tool didn't repair the file. I could no longer move or delete messages, so I needed to create a new Personal Folders (.pst) file. To create a new .pst file in Microsoft Outlook 2000, I chose File, New, Personal Folders File (.pst) and created a new .pst file, which I named jruley.pst.

To make the new file the default Personal Folder that Outlook uses for new email messages, I chose File, Exit and Log Off, which shuts down not only Outlook but all mail-enabled applications on the system. Then, I renamed outlook.pst to jruley.pst and vice versa, and restarted Outlook.

A message appeared, warning that completing the change would require copying messages. I copied the most recent email messages from the previous outlook.pst file to the new Inbox. To copy my Contacts database and Calendar, I simply resynchronized Outlook with my Windows CE-based NEC MobilePro handheld PC, which contains copies of all my Calendar and Contacts entries. Since I used this solution, Outlook appears to be working well.

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