Fixing Blank Buttons on the MetaFrame Toolbar

I have a little problem you might be able to solve. On Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition (TSE) machines with MetaFrame 1.8, administrators see blank buttons that don't work on the MetaFrame toolbar (icabar.exe). Have you seen this before?

This problem occurs with Service Pack 4 (SP4) and when the drive letters remap during the MetaFrame installation. There are two ways to fix it, each involving Registry edits, which--you've heard a million times--can be dangerous.

Solution 1

1. Log on to the Citrix server as one of the administrators who is seeing blank buttons.

2. Open the Registry editor, and open the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Citrix\Citrix toolbar. You should make these edits with regedit.exe because the alternative, regedt32.exe, shows only binary or hexadecimal for this key type.

3. Look for the ButtonPath entry, and back up this key to the local hard disk.

4. Change all the capital C entries that indicate the drive path to the letter of the drive that contains the WTSRV directory. You'll have to change an instance for each button on the bar (by default there are 10 buttons). If you want to use the Registry editor to change the hex code instead, you must first convert the drive letter to its hexadecimal equivalent (e.g., C = 43, D = 44, M = 4D, N = 4E).

5. Log off and log back on. This solution doesn't require a server reboot.

Solution 2

1. Log on as an administrator whose buttons are working (or delete any blank buttons and recreate new ones for this user).

2. Start the Registry editor, and open HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Citrix\Citrix toolbar.

3. Save this key to the local hard drive (e.g., M:\WTSRV\System32\icabar.key).

4. Add the correct Registry key to each user. You can use one of the following methods:

  • Restore the Registry key by logging on as each of the administrators and restoring the saved Registry key to the same spot with the Registry editor.
  • Create a logon script that uses the command
regini ICABAR.key > Nul 

to insert the Registry key in the correct place.

You're all set. This solution doesn't require a server reboot.

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