Fitness Celebrity Training for Your Microsoft Band

Fitness Celebrity Training for Your Microsoft Band

Ex-sportscaster and now certified personal trainer and health and wellness expert, Jenna Wolfe recently made a visit to the Microsoft campus to learn a bit more about what Microsoft is doing with the Microsoft Band. Jenna seemed generally happy with Microsoft’s direction, enough to supply us with five “guided” workouts in a special video series on the Microsoft Band YouTube channel. (video series HERE).

Each video starts with displaying the routine Jenna will follow, which you can then use to create your own workout in the Workout Planner or grab the link to the shared workout from the video description. A couple of the exercises aren’t in the Workout Planner database, but have been substituted with something similar.

The workouts are pretty basic, but are a great way to get started or to enhance your current fitness strategy.

Additionally, you can join the Microsoft Band community group and gain immediate access to a Shared Workouts Wiki for importing workouts directly into your Microsoft Health Dashboard. Jenna’s workouts are already available in the community resource.

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