First Microsoft Surface Hub Units Are Now Shipping to Customers


After it was delayed from its original 01 September 2015 ship date, Microsoft is now shipping their Surface Hub to business customers who have pre-ordered the device from its network of resellers.

Surface Hub, which runs a specialized version of Windows 10, comes in two different sizes with the smaller 55" device costing $8,999 and the larger 84" unit available for $21,999.

We first saw Surface Hub in January 2015 when Microsoft had their big Windows 10 consumer event in Redmond and to everyone's surprise it was hanging on stage without any fanfare during the entire event until it was pointed out to everyone.

This new collaboration tool has the ability to transform conference rooms with the following features:

Inking - A responsive and natural inking experience that feels as fluid as a pen on paper.

Touch - Advanced touch capabilities recognize up to 100 touch points with precision, allowing multiple people to interact with the screen simultaneously.

Windows 10 - A new experience for Windows 10 that is tailored for group use, with ink and touch at its core. Many applications can be used without authentication.

Microsoft Office - Microsoft Surface Hub comes with Microsoft Office apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, plus the OneNote whiteboard and Skype for Business.

They will also perform well thanks to these specs:

Microsoft Surface Hub 55"/Microsoft Surface Hub 84"

Size - 31.75" x 59.62" x 3.38" / 46.12" x 86.7" x 4.15"

Weight - 105 lbs / 280 lbs

Display - 1920 x 1080 @ 120Hz / 3840 x 2160 @ 120Hz

Touch - 100 point multi touch; Projective Capacitance; Optically bonded sensor

Storage/RAM - 128GB SSD with 8GB RAM

CPU - 4th Generation Intel Core i5 / 4th Generation Intel Core i7

Graphics - Intel HD 4600 / NVIDIA Quadro K2200

Network - Wired 1Gbps; Wireless 802.11ac/802.11 a/b/g/n; Bluetooth 4.0 LE; NFC Reader; Miracast Enabled

Ports - Two USB 3.0; Two USB 2.0; Ethernet 1000 Base-T; DisplayPort Video Out; 3.5mm Stereo Out; RS232 Serial port; RJ11 Connector

Alternate PC Ports - Two USB 2.0 Type B (For Camera; Sensor; Microphone, Speakers; Touchback); DisplayPort Video Input

Guest PC - DisplayPort Video Input; HDMI Video Input; VGA Video Input; 3.5mm Stereo Input; USB 2.0 Type B Touchback Output

Camera - 1080p @ 30fps

Pen - Two Active Powered for Inking

You can learn more at the Microsoft Surface Hub portal.


This gallery contains images of both the 55" and 84" Surface Hub models that I was able to see last year at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference that was held in Orlando, Florida.


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