First Look: Garmin vivoactive HR

If you’ve been reading along, I’m on a quest to find a fitness wearable that is a clear leader over the Microsoft Band 2. But, this quest has a very real implication in that if I find one that is absolutely, without question, better than the Microsoft Band 2 in all areas important to me, I will stop using the Microsoft Band 2 and use the better device instead.

I am close to delivering my first comparison that pitted the Fitbit Blaze against the Microsoft Band 2, and I’m positive you’ll be very surprised with the outcome.

In my second quest, I decided to go directly for the jugular and pit the rumored leader in fitness devices, Garmin, against the Microsoft Band 2. In this comparison I’ll be referring back to the images in this First Look gallery. This one has also been eye-opening so stay tuned for the full write-up.

The Garmin sells for around $250 and you can find it on Amazon for 2-day shipping for Prime members: Garmin vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch

For my testing, I decided to go a bit deeper into the Garmin ecosystem for the full immersion experience, so I also opted for the Garmin index Smart Scale which sells for around $130 on Amazon.

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